Object:  boiler house at 14a Leina Street in Tapa rural municipality

Object: Peetri Leisure Center


Object: Module Tech production building

Object: Mustamäe Experience Center

Object: Emergency department of Narva Hospital

Object: Bus station in the city of Pärnu

Object: HKScan warehouse

Object: IBIS Tallinn Center hotel

Object: the first contact care center in Jõhvi

Object: Kohtla-Järve sports and health center

Object: First contact care center in Laagri

Object:  Rakvere Vallimäe complex

Object: Selver Culinary building

Object: Sillamäe beach promenade

Obect:Sindi barrage and the the artificial rapid

Object: Palm Garden of Tallinn Botanical Garden

Object: Heleni School in Tallinn

Object: Tallinn Järveotsa kindergarten building

Object: Tallinn Rabarüblik kindergarten building

Object: Tallinn Airport parking garage

Object: Tallinn Airport passenger terminal

Object: Tallinn German High School

Object: Tallinn Tondi School

Obejct:Office building at Meistri 16 in Tallinn

Object: office building at Pärnu mnt 113 in Tallinn

Object:  Purje 4 in Tallinn

Object: Raua 59 in Tallinn

Object: Oecologicum in Tartu

Object: first contact care center in Valga

-Meeli Küttim

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