The area of activity of AS INFRAGATE EESTI and the scope of the management system thereof are as follows:

Consultation and design services in the areas of general construction, water supply, sewerage and waste management, including project management, feasibility studies, execution of public procurements and owner supervision of construction projects.



The basis for increasing our reliability and competitiveness as well as our market share is primarily the complete compliance of the provided services with clients’ requirements with the best value for money. In order to achieve that objective, all employees of the company must be guided by the agreed internal organisation of work and external documents that regulate the provision of services.



 The quality and environmental objectives of AS Infragate Eesti are to:
  • Deliver 100% of contractual works to the clients in a timely manner;

  • Ensure the client-oriented operation of the company and receive positive feedback from clients after completing the works, i.e., more than 4.5 points on a 5-point scale;

  • Fulfil the profit plan of the annual budget;

  • Organise annual training courses for the company’s employees in the extent of no less than 50% of monthly wages.

  • Simplify the company’s administration and reduce environmental burden when performing administrative assignments and providing services;

  • Support the sustainable and environmentally friendly operation of our partners and the company;

  • Performance of assignments established in the annual action plan;

  • The continuous modernisation of IT and mitigation of security threats.




The environmental policy within the activity of AS Infragate Eesti is as follows:
  • Achievement of environmental performance of developed plans and technical solutions and managed or supervised construction processes that have been standardised under legislation, defined by the client and that complies with professional standards;

  • Lead the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions within project management and providing consultation services.

Environmental performance is the best, when the implemented environmental-technical solution:
  • Produces the highest relative environmental sustainability effect (e.g., degree of water purity, efficiency of energy use, optimal flow rate, etc.) with regard to using the specific natural resources and/or formation of pollutants;

  • Spends altogether the least natural, human and financial resources for building and commissioning of objects and produces the least environmental pollution.

 We shall continuously improve the environmental efficiency of provided services and ensure sustainable environmental use in our engineer-technical activity that has direct environmental impact, and reduce the negative environmental impact caused by our activity.


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