Design work and consultation


We offer design services from scratch to detailed working drawings in the fields of waste, bodies of water and residual pollution; we involve competent partners and subcontractors in carrying out surveys.

Our team has experience in compiling complete design documentation on the level of a technical draft project, preliminary building design documentation and the building design documentation as the main designer.


NEW! We are drawing up energy and climate plans!


Estonia’s budget for the 2014-2021 climate programme of European Economic Area is 7 million euros and local governments have the opportunity to apply for support from that programme for the preparation of energy and climate plans.

An energy and climate plan is a document aimed at mitigating climate change and reducing vulnerability to climate change. The plan will help the local government to carry out the green revolution, first mapping and assessing the current situation, then developing future goals and strategies to achieve them. It is very important that the whole planning process is open and inclusive of the local community.

The plan maps the current situation of the local area in the following areas:

 • health, social care and rescue capabilities;

 • land use and planning;

 • natural environment;

 • economy, including green public procurements and the circular economy;


 • community, awareness and cooperation;

 • infrastructure and buildings;

 • energy and security of supply;


 More information about the application round: energy and climate plans


We have a competent team and long-term experience in preparing development plans in the field of infrastructure (development plans for public water supply and sewerage system and development plans for heat management). Over the past 15 years, we have prepared various applications for financing in the field of infrastructure from Estonian and European Union structural funds, incl. the environment scheme. We provide financial consultations and prepare applications to seek tariff rate approvals from the Estonian Competition Authority.

We offer advice and help to apply for special use of water and waste permits.

We prepare tender documents and execute public procurements as the representative of the contracting authority in the design, owner supervision and construction fields.

Kristo Kärmas

Head of the consulting field