Kohila Vallavalitsus
Compilation of the basic project for the issuance of a building permit for Aespa waste center and for the construction activities
Kohila Vallavalitsus
Rae Vallavalitsus
Preparation for the correction of the development plan of the public water supply and sewerage system and storm water drainage of the municipality of Rae for the years 2021-2032
Rae Vallavalitsus
Tallinna Vesi AS
Modeling of storm water drainage in the sub-catchment of the Maakri area in Tallinn and preparation of a drainage scheme for separate storm water
Tallinna Vesi AS
Rail Baltica route project expertise
3TI Progetti Italia - Ingegneria Integrata SPA / Yksel Proje AS
Tallinna Keskkonna- ja Kommunaalamet
Preparation of the Tallinn City Public Water Supply and Sewerage Development Plan 2022-2033
Tallinna Keskkonna- ja Kommunaalamet 2023
Kärdla Veevärk AS
Preparation of technological projects for Kärdla and Sõru harbor wastewater treatment plants
Kärdla Veevärk AS 2023
Project management of pollution remediation of Stroomi beach
Põhja-Tallinna Valitsus 2023
Tori Vallavalitsus
Documentation and procurement procedure and project management service for "Construction work of the first stage of the Sindi rapids center"
Tori Vallavalitsus 2023
Kohila Vallavalitsus
Carrying out the summer road maintenance documentation and procurement procedure of Kohila municipality
Kohila Vallavalitsus 2022
Rapla Vallavalitsus
Organization of the design and construction tender for the reconstruction of Ülejõe street bridge in Rapla and the design tender for Heina street bridge in Rapla
Rapla Vallavalitsus 2022
Viimsi Vallavalitsus
Compilation of a study on the implementation of building rights in Viimsi municipality
Viimsi Vallavalitsus 2022
Tartu Linnavalitsus
Preparation of the water management and land improvement part of the comprehensive plan of the city of Tartu and drafting of the development plan for the PWS
Tartu Linnavalitsus 2022
Expertise of the main design of the second stage of Rapla central square
Rapla Vallavalitsus 2021
Rail Baltic Estonia OÜ
Expert assessment of the construction design documentation of the retaining walls in the Ülemiste station area, Vesse tunnel and Kantsi viaduct
Rail Baltic Estonia OÜ 2021
Kuusalu Soojus AS
Preparation of public procurement documents for the design and construction procurement of the reconstruction of the boiler house in Kuusalu
Kuusalu Soojus AS 2021
Kohila Vallavalitsus
Kohila municipality street lighting infrastructure renovation project management service
Kohila Vallavalitsus 2021
Järve Biopuhastus OÜ
Updating of the public water supply and sewerage system plans of Kohtla-Järve and Jõhvi Parish for 2019-2030
Järve Biopuhastus OÜ 2021
Carrying out a traffic safety audit for the correction of the basic project of reconstruction of the intersection of the Main Road 2 Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa 228.2-229.6 km
Maanteeamet 2020
Carrying out a traffic safety audit and expertise for the main project of the Mändjala-Läätsa section of the National Road 77 Kuressaare-Sääre km 11.226-21.150
Maanteeamet 2020
Tallinna Keskkonna- ja Kommunaalamet
Expertise of Priisle Park work project
Tallinna Keskkonna- ja Kommunaalamet 2020
Matsalu Veevärk AS
"Preparation of funding applications for the 1st round of the Environmental Program for the Villages of Valgu, Oidrema, Rõude, Virtsu and Lihula 2020"
Matsalu Veevärk AS 2020
Elveso AS
Modernization and analysis of Epanet water network model in the water business area of AS ELVESO
Elveso AS 2020
Tori Vallavalitsus
Surveying of the storm water collection system in Sindi
Tori Vallavalitsus 2019
Viimsi Vesi AS
Compiling a public water supply and sewerage development plan for Viimsi parish
Viimsi Vesi AS 2019
The heating management development plan of Tapa Rural Municipality for 2019-2032
Tapa Vallavalitsus 2019
Tartu Veevärk AS
Modelling of the water network of AS Tartu Veevärk
Tartu Veevärk AS 2019
Compiling the financing application for the CF measure "Renovation of the Street Lighting Infrastructure" to reconstruct the street lighting in Tõrva Rural Municipality
Tõrva Vallavalitsus 2019
Matsalu Veevärk AS
Preparing the funding applications for Round I of 2019 in the environmental programme of the Villages of Valgu and Oidrema
Matsalu Veevärk AS 2019
Organisation of training courses for the operators of water treatment plants in 2016–2019
Keskkonnaministeerium 2019
Kohila Vallavalitsus
Preparation of the support application for the reconstruction works of street lighting in Kohila Rural Municipality
Kohila Vallavalitsus 2019
Velko AV OÜ
Compilation of the financing application for the Environmental Programme of Aegviidu municipality
Velko AV OÜ 2018
Strantum OÜ
Preparation of applications for financing the water management projects in Tabasalu, Muraste, Kumna and Vääna from the Cohesion Fund
Strantum OÜ 2018
Maardu Vesi AS
Preparation of the price request and application of financing for the water management project of the Kroodi industrial area and the lakeside area in Maardu
Maardu Vesi AS 2017
Saku Maja OÜ
Preparation of the application for financing the public water supply and sewerage system in the Saku Rural Municipality and waste water collection of the Keila River from the Cohesion Fund
Saku Maja OÜ 2017
Lahevesi AS
Preparatory activities for constructing sewerage systems in the coastal Laulasmaa, Kloogaranna and Tuulna Villages in the Keila Rural Municipality
Lahevesi AS 2017
Preparation of the preliminary design documentation for reconditioning the category A waste disposal site in Kukruse
Keskkonnaministeerium 2016
Emajõe Veevärk AS
Preparation of the technical draft project in compliance with the requirements of SA Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus for the development of water and sewerage pipelines in the City of Kallaste
Emajõe Veevärk AS 2016
Rakvere Vesi AS
Preparation of an application for the permit for special use of water in the City of Rakvere
Rakvere Vesi AS 2016
Kadrina Vallavalitsus
Preparation of the heat management development plan 2016–2026 for the district heating area of Kadrina Rural Small Town, Hulja Small Town and Kihlevere Village
Kadrina Vallavalitsus 2016
OÜ Velko AV
Amendment of the application for financing the water management project and economic and financial analysis of the Anija Rural Municipality and preparation of price requests for water services in 2012 for Velko AV OÜ
OÜ Velko AV 2012
Haljala Soojus AS
Preparation of a price request for water services in 2012 for Haljala Soojus
Haljala Soojus AS 2012
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