IBIS Tallinn Center hotel design

Designing the first contact care center in Jõhvi

Designing the first contact care center in Laagri

Designing the Mustamäe Experience Center and the street area

Designing the renovation of the emergency department of Narva Hospital

Designing of Peetri Leisure Center


Designing the first contact care center in Rapla

Designing the Palm Garden of Tallinn Botanical Garden

Designing the reconstruction of Heleni School in Tallinn

Designing the Tallinn Airport parking garage

Designing the reconstruction works of the Tartu Oecolocicum building

Designing the first contact care center in Valga

HKScan warehouse design

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Preparation of the principal building design documentation of Sepapaja 10 commercial building in Tallinn
Mainor Ülemiste AS
Design works for the hotel at Ehitajate tee 140
Ehitajate tee 140 Holding OÜ
Design works of an apartment building with rental apartments at Türi 9
Kawe Kodu AS
Tallinna Lennujaam AS
Tallinn Airport passenger terminal expansion design work and designer supervision service
Tallinna Lennujaam AS
Design of the historical building and facilities on the immovable property located at Tondi tn 53 in Tallinn
Tondi Kvartal AS
Preparation of the building design documentation for Otepää Kindergarten in the stage of preliminary design documentation
Otepää Vallavalitsus
Design works of Väike-Ameerika 19 accommodation building in Tallinn
Väike-Ameerika 19 Holding OÜ
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Design work on the adaptation of the House of the Blackheads (Pikk 26) to the special needs of people with disabilities, technical advice during construction procurement and supervision by the designer during construction work
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Reconstruction design of PERH Blood Center building
Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla SA
Design work for a commercial building at Ahtri Street 6 in Tallinn
Rotermann Pluss OÜ
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Preparation of Tallinn Haabersti 4 kindergarten design in the scope of draft plan, preliminary design and operational design documentation
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Tallinn Kristiine Kindergartens (Kristiine, Lepatriinu, Linnupesa) design works
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Kalasadama 10, Tallinn hotel design works
Kalasadama 10 OÜ
Pae 2 commercial and office building design works
Combicon OÜ
Design works of special parts of the building at Kopli 68a, Tallinn
Kopli 68a OÜ
Main design of Kärdla Basic School
Arhitekt Must OÜ
Reconstruction design of the Tõrva Healt Care Centre
OÜ Tõrva Tervisekeskus
Rapla Vallavalitsus
Design works of the Rapla Music School building
Rapla Vallavalitsus 2023
Preparation of the principal design documentation of the health care building to be designed for the registered immovable at Sepapaja 12 and the construction design documentation and the operational design documentation of the external pipelines and pavem
What If OÜ 2023
Riigi Kinnisvara AS
Designing works for the reconstruction of the administrative laboratory building of Teaduse 4/6, Saku
Riigi Kinnisvara AS 2023
Designing the premises of the Emergency Medical Centre of East Tallinn Central Hospital
Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla AS 2022
Design works for the reconstruction of Rapla State House
Nordlin Ehitus OÜ 2021
SA Hiiumaa Haigla
Hiiumaa Hospital reconstruction design
SA Hiiumaa Haigla 2021
Astlanda Ehitus OÜ
HKScan warehouse design
Astlanda Ehitus OÜ 2021
Designing apartment buildings in Türi 9, Tallinn
Aeteci Kinnisvara AS 2021
Kawe Plaza building reconstruction project in Tallinn, Pärnu mnt 15
Kawe Plaza AS 2021
Designing apartment buildings in Kiikri 4, Tallinn
Kawe Kodu OÜ 2021
Designing of the office building at 113 Pärnu mnt in Tallinn
Hepsor P113 OÜ 2021
Designing of special care home buildings in Tallinn and Sillamäe
Hoolekandeteenused AS 2021
Design and supervision of the University of Tartu J.Liivi 2 study building
Tartu Ülikool 2021
Design works of the building extension at Pärnu maantee 154, Tallinn
Noblessner Arendus OÜ 2021
NÜÜD Arhitektid OÜ
Design works of the activity centre in Mulgimaa
NÜÜD Arhitektid OÜ 2021
Tallinna Lennujaam AS
Preparation of the main project of the Tallinn Airport Passenger Terminal Schengen zone waiting area
Tallinna Lennujaam AS 2020
Designing apartment buildings in Türi 4, Tallinn
Liven Kodu 15 OÜ 2020
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Design and supervision of a sports building for Nõmme Gymnasium
Tallinna Linnavaraamet 2020
Tallinna Lennujaam AS
Preparation of the main project of the extension of Tallinn Airport passenger terminal's luggage area and the luggage system
Tallinna Lennujaam AS 2020
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Designing of the reconstruction of Blocks A and B of Tallinn Helen's School
Tallinna Linnavaraamet 2020
Balti Teenused OÜ
Designing of the extension of Põhjakeskus
Balti Teenused OÜ 2020
Design works of the buildings and facilities of Pärnu Vanasadam quarter, addresses Kalda Street 2 and 4 in Pärnu
Transcom Vara AS 2020
Design works for the renovation of the Emergency Medicine Department of the Narva Hospital
Narva Haigla SA 2020
Designing and requesting of building permit of the Palm House of Tallinn Botanical Gardens
Tallinna Botaanikaaed 2020
Design of the extension of Lasnamäe Centrum
Lasnamäe Centrum OÜ 2019
Tallinna Salme Kultuurikeskus
Designing the reconstruction of Salme Cultural Centre
Tallinna Salme Kultuurikeskus 2019
Nordecon AS
Design works of Peetri's Leisure Centre
Nordecon AS 2019
Design works and owner supervision during the construction of Maali apartment building in Lääne-Nigula Rural Municipality
Maali Üürimaja OÜ 2019
KMG Inseneriehituse AS
Design work of the airport parking building
KMG Inseneriehituse AS 2019
Saku Vallavalitsus
Design works of the building at Teaduse 13 in Saku hamlet
Saku Vallavalitsus 2018
Tallinna Linnavaraamet
Compiling the preliminary and main projects for the second phase of the reconstruction of the social centre at Õismäe tee 24 in Tallinn; includes author supervision by the designer
Tallinna Linnavaraamet 2018
Tallinn House OÜ
Design work of Juhkentali Hotel
Tallinn House OÜ 2018
Compilation of the design documentation for the healt centre in Rapla town
Raplamaa Haigla SA 2017
Bonava Eesti OÜ
Drawing up of the building design documentation for the apartment buildings at 18a/18b Liikuri St., Lasnamäe District
Bonava Eesti OÜ 2017
Valga Haigla AS
Design works for renovation of the emergency department of Valga Hospital
Valga Haigla AS 2017
Mustamäe Linnaosa Valitsus
Drawing up of the basic project for the building complex at 118 E.Vilde St
Mustamäe Linnaosa Valitsus 2017
Corrigo OÜ
Design works for construction of the primary level health centre of Jõhvi
Corrigo OÜ 2017
Bonava Eesti OÜ
Designing of the special parts of the apartment buildings at 18a and 18b Liikuri St.
Bonava Eesti OÜ 2017
Jõelähtme Vallavalitsus
Preparation of building design documentation for the reconstruction works of nursery school Pääsupesa located at Saha tee 12, Jõelähtme Rural Municipality
Jõelähtme Vallavalitsus 2017
Tartu Linnavalitsuse Linnavarade osakond
Design work of the reconstruction work of Rahu 8, Tartu
Tartu Linnavalitsuse Linnavarade osakond 2017
Saue Vallavalitsus
Design work of a health centre in Laagri
Saue Vallavalitsus 2017
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