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AS Infragate Eesti was established in 2002. Our team consists of more than 30 capable and experienced people.We originate from the Estonian Water Company (AS Eesti Veevärk) and have participated in preparing and implementing the majority of large Estonian environmental and infrastructural projects as the designer, consultant, project manager and as the person exercising owner supervision of construction projects.  Our prominent contracting authorities have included the public sector, developers, network companies and industries.


In 2008, we launched active provision of design and owner supervision services for general construction and the roads area. Since 2010, we execute owner supervision for the liquidation of residual pollution objects, improving the condition of watercourses and at land improvement sites. We are registered in the Register of Economic Activities (MTR) for acting in 15 fields of activity.


Most employees have either certified or authorized professional qualification as civil engineers. Depending on the nature of work, we involve subcontracts and contracted employees in the provision of services. We cooperate with other leading consultation firms in the field from both home and abroad.


AS Infragate Eesti is a member of the Estonian Water Works Association, The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster

Quality and insurance


In 2000, the auditing firm Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance awarded us with the quality management certificate ISO 9001, which certifies that the company’s service provision process complies with the international quality standard, and helps to ensure a result that meets expectations of the contracting authority. In January 2008, we received the environmental management system certificate for ISO 14001, issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

Our services are insured with the civil liability activity insurance for 500,000 euros.


Our mission is to facilitate creating a better living environment by providing high-quality consultation and engineer services in the areas of infrastructure, the environment and general construction.

Values of the company


We are professionals in the field

we have a motivated, uniform and strong team

we are flexible and client-oriented